Vision for the Ranch Shared During the Terminal Series

April 19, 2015

Recently, Bryan Jarrett shared a message with his church titled, “Terminal – Leave Boldly”. During the message, Bryan for the first time shares with his congregation at Northplace Church the opportunity to purchase Lonesome Dove Ranch.

Here is a write-up describing more about the “Terminal” Series…

Over the last couple of weeks, we have intentionally played off of the double meaning of the word “terminal”. Everything has been set up to feel like an airport terminal…to help you understand that this earthly life is temporary…transitory…We are trying to make you aware that you are about to board a flight. In a way, life is like an airport terminal. Based on the decisions you make here, you decide what gate your going to depart from…you decide what journey your going to take in the after you die. In these moments together we are trying to address the reality that nobody wants to talk about. We are all “terminal”. No matter how you slice it, this life is going to end…for all us…every…last…one…of…us. As we said last week… The most significant marking any tombstone is not the dates but the dash. The date you’re born or the date you die is less important than how much life was in your living. The only thing that will really matter after you’re gone is how you used your dash.

You can watch the entire “Terminal” series on the Northplace Church website.