Dear Friend of Lonesome Dove Ranch,

As I write this update to you, we are at the halfway point of our summer camps. I am about to step away from the computer and walk into the dining hall where we will sing Happy Birthday to every camper and each one will get a personal birthday cake. Then we will go to an elaborate birthday party. During the party our camp “aunt and uncle” and “grandma and grandpa” will secretly take birthday gifts to each child’s room so they will find them when they return.

Why give this many kids a birthday party simultaneously? Many of them have been passed around to so many different families and homes that they’ve never had a real birthday party and some aren’t even sure how old they are. You can’t imagine the smiles! Last week, one little girl said with excitement, “I’ve never had a birthday party before!”

Our time will end tomorrow with a hayride that makes four strategic stops where we use the sights and sounds of the ranch to teach parables that reveal the love of Christ for these children and their brokenness. The last stop is at the cross where I tell my own story of abuse and explain how Jesus healed my broken heart. I encourage them to write the burdens of their heart on the rock and leave it at the cross…give it to Jesus.





(Top Left) Each rock at the bottom of the cross represents the burdens of another broken heart. (Top Right) This camper left their hurt, sin, and abuse. It says: “Hurt: I’ve been around drugs. Sin: I need You to give me a fresh start. Abuse: By extension chords, brooms and hands.” Remember, these are 6-12 year old kids. (Bottom Left) This camper left a request: “Bad people not to hurt me anymore” (Bottom Right) It says: “To get adopted by my new family; to forget what that guy did to me and pray for me.”

Will you join me in fulfilling that request? Will you pray for these kids? Their heartache is unimaginable but the joy we have seen in their eyes this week is what God intended for them. In some way, these moments are a little heaven on earth. Lonesome Dove Ranch is truly the place “Where Healing Happens” and your generosity is making it happen.

Many of you have already participated in the recent opportunity to underwrite the budget of all our camps. The stories of life change that have already happened are the return on your investment. Thank you! However, if you haven’t had a chance to give, this is a perfect opportunity for strategic eternal impact. As of today, we are $19,875.00 shy of our $100,000 budget goal. And yes…I still plan on holding up my end of the bargain if the goal is reached by July 31st …and “Go bald for the budget” 🙂 However there are several little ladies in my church praying we raise $99,999.99 🙂

We are getting close to the deadline. If you give online, your gift will process immediately. Here’s how…Go to our website and click the “give” tab at the top right of the page. There will be an option to “text” give through your mobile device or you can make an online transaction through Kindred.

If you want to use traditional mail, make your check payable to:

The Water Tower Network and send it to PO Box 99, Wylie, Texas 75098.

If it’s postmarked by 7/31, it will count toward the challenge. However, the most important thing is investing in these kids and that happens in whatever month you are able to give.

Humbled by His calling and your generosity!

Dr. Bryan Jarrett