We are in the last few weeks of an uphill challenge to raise the final resources to fully fund all our camps for orphans this summer at Lonesome Dove Ranch. Many of you have already given…for that we say a massive THANK YOU! These children come to camp free of charge for what may be one of the greatest weeks of their life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your gifts totally underwrite their experience at our camps. Just a few days ago, a foster dad whose children attended last week’s camp had this to say:

As one of the foster/adopt parents who sent their kids to this I want to give you a great big thanks for what you did. I’ve been going through the children’s stuff that they received (which was, itself, beyond all expectation) and what I really appreciate is all the personalized wishes they received. My thanks feels insignificant compared to the great memories you made with them. That is so important for these kids even after they’ve been adopted. Their problems don’t magically stop then, for many, they are just getting started. What you did was provide them with a world that was OK, even if for a week, because the rest of their life is filled with adversity.

We want to express our sincere thanks for giving them a true gift and demonstrating exactly how Christ would have us treat these children. Our kids loved it so much they are asking if they can come back next week!




Wow! This is why we do what we do.

In faith and what we believe to be obedience to the Father, we have doubled the lodging capacity for each camp and tripled our number of camps for this summer. Even with this increase in capacity, every camp is full with a waiting list. Sadly, Kevin’s foster kids can’t come back another week of camp this year. We have to make this life changing experience available to as many exploited and neglected children as possible. However, we are developing programs at the ranch to engage kids and families like Kevin’s throughout the year.

As of today (July 2), we have $49,125.00 remaining to fully fund the budgets for all our camps. Would you prayerfully consider a gift to invest in this ministry of hope to abused, neglected and exploited kids this summer? A gift of $25,000 sponsors a whole week of camp. A gift of $500 sponsors one camper for a week. A gift of $9.00 feeds a camper 3 gourmet meals for a day. That’s real gourmet! Real chefs from Mercy Chefs donate their skills to cook all our meals. It’s the best camp food in America!

And here’s an added incentive…a donor challenged me to shave my head if all the funds were raised by the end of July. In a moment of weakness (or pride or stupidity), I accepted. So…you have the opportunity to change a kid’s life and have some fun (at my expense) in the process. I would do just about anything to help these kids…will you join me?

If you want to use traditional mail, make your check out to:

The Water Tower Network and send it to PO Box 99, Wylie, Texas 75098.

If you want to give online, go to our website lonesomedovetexas.com and click the “give” tab at the top right of the page. There will be an option to “text” give through your phone or make an online transaction.

Thank you in advance for making an eternal difference through a place that has captured the heart of the Father.

Dr. Bryan Jarrett