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The beginning of 2016 has been filled the hard work of preparation.

Lonesome Dove Ranch continues the diligent process of preparing these grounds for ministry. Because of the faithful prayers and support of so many people, each day is a step closer to that reality. Sometimes the preparation is quiet and without fanfare, but this ongoing work is vital to accomplishing the mission God has placed in our hearts for this place.

The back of the Ranch borders a floodplain that runs along a creek here in Hunt County. Because of the heavy rains in our area in 2015, and the normal wear-and-tear of the seasons, an open gully eroded the pasture some 50 yards, and had continued to grow.IMG_6092 (1) We had monitored the situation for some time, but were hesitant to take the project on. We knew that it would be costly because it required special expertise and the use of heavy equipment; however, we realized that the usability of the pasture was threatened for the foreseeable future if left unchecked.

IMG_5798After careful consideration and planning, work began on the project in February of 2016.I am happy to say that we were able to stop the damage completely in its tracks, though you can see in the photos below that its mark on the land is unmistakable. A scar remains, masked by a beautiful flowing water feature where there was once a gaping wound.

As the work was completed, I was struck by the poignant similarities between this project, and our mission here at Lonesome Dove Ranch. This work is not unlike the work that will take place in the hearts and minds of children and pastors here in the weeks, months, and years to come. The erosion caused by abuse and neglect in young children, and burnout and loneliness in rural pastors will be stopped in its tracks through the solace of this unique ranch environment, the service of dedicated individuals, and most importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Much like the land, scars will remain where an open wound once was. Thankfully, these scars are more than a reminder of the damage done and the pain of the past. They remain as beautiful testimonies of the broken made beautiful, flowing with the power of the Gospel at work in our lives.

For the broken,

Bryan & Haley Jarrett

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